Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga was born August sixth in 1973 in the US city of Irvington, New Jersey. She was born in a family of Ukrainian immigrants. Her father Michael was a computer wizard, and my mother love - a schoolteacher. In addition to the Faith, in the family there are six children.

Farmiga studied at the Ukrainian Catholic school and from childhood was very artistic - performed in Ukrainian folk ensemble. However, an acting career never dreamed Faith, wanted to become an ophthalmologist. But fate decreed otherwise - the girl was admitted to the School of Arts of the University of Syracuse, and after graduation she made her debut on Broadway, however, just as the understudy.

One of its first major projects - the series "Roar", which was filmed in Australia. The main character in the TV series played Heath Ledger.

A year later, in 1998, the debut of the actress on the big screen - she got a role in the thriller "Force Majeure". Even a couple of years waiting for her small roles in the films work, "The Departed" Myles Connell and "Autumn in New York". Farmiga has established itself as a true master of the episode. This title, and she confirmed his next job in the action movie "15 minutes of fame".

In 2002, the first year there was a belief in the anthology "Love in a time when money talks" and the comedy "Doll". This was followed by a two-year break from work.

But 2004 was marked for the first Farmiga small role in the sensational film "The Manchurian Candidate", working on the TV project "Angels with iron teeth" and the TV series "Touching Evil".

In the future, Faith acted more and more, and in a variety of films - thriller "Running Scared", Oscar-winning "The Departed", Martin Scorsese drama "Never, ever". Very often the Faith can be seen in the thriller "Joshua", "The Boyin the Striped Pajamas", "Nothing But the Truth", "Orphan". She also starred in the Russian-British project - the film with Yevgeny Mironov, "On stage".

Yet "crown" Farmiga is a career that is considered to be published on the world's screens in 2009 drama "Up in the Air." It was for her role in it (even if the second plan), she received a nomination for "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and a BAFTA. For this film was followed by the thriller "Source Code" and "Henry's Crime".

In 2011, she made her directorial debut - the film "This Dark World" (this film adaptation of the memoirs of Carolyn Briggs).

In 1997 Faith married actor Sebastian Roche, in 2003 they were, after six years of marriage, divorced. In September 2008, she married the second time in Rennes Hawks musician from whom she had two children, a son and doch Finn (2009) and Gitte Love (2010).