Tom Cruise

3 of July birthday marks one of the world's most popular actor Tom Cruise.

Son of actor Tom at 18 moved to New York, where he played his first small role in the film "Endless Love." Soon he became famous, having starred in such box-office films as Top Gun, "The Color of Money," "Rain Man," "Born on the Fourth of July".

His first wife, Tom became an actress Mimi Rogers. It was Mimi, who was much older than her husband, Tom has led to the Church of Scientology.

However, despite this, they parted. On the film "Days of Thunder" in 1990, Tom met with Nicole Kidman. They began dating and soon married. The marriage of Tom and Nicole all was far from rosy. Said Cruz very from complexes due to the growth of his wife. At the time of marriage (and it lasted a little less than 10 years) Kidman had to almost completely abandon the high heels. In addition, the couple did not have children of their own - they adopted two children Isabella and Connor.

Despite the presence of obvious problems in relations between couples who especially became apparent in the film by Stanley Kubrick "Eyes Wide Shut", many tend to believe that the couple broke up because of Cruise's romance with Penelope Cruz. They met on the set of "Vanilla Sky".

Already in 2005, Cruz found a new girlfriend - he was to meet with the young actress Katie Holmes. The wedding took place in 2006 in Italy. During his life together, Tom was able to bring Katie to Scientology.

Despite the fact that Tom is surrounded by beautiful women, the most important thing for him is one - baby Suri. She was born in April 2006, six months before the wedding, Cruise and Holmes. Now Suri - one of the most stellar girls in the world. Her class, school and even shoes discusses almost all the world's press.

Tom continues to act and produce, and remains one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.