Taylor Momsen

Taylor Michel Momsen was born on July 26, 1993 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in the family and Michelle Collette Momsen. At Taylor has a younger sister, Sloane Momsen, also an actress.

Professional acting career, Taylor began three years to participate in a national commercial for Shake 'N' Bake, brand food company Kraft Foods. In a short time she won the role of Honey Bee Swan in the film "The Prophet's death." In 2000, Taylor played the role of Cindy in the movie "The Grinch - Stole Christmas," and the film was a runaway success of the public, gathered in the North American box office $ 260 million. Two years later, the young actress has starred in two films - "Hansel and Gretel", where she played Gretel, in the movie "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams", where she played Alexander, presidential daughter.

Taylor Momsen also played Samantha Wallace in Sandy Tung family drama "Saving Sherlock" in 2006, the film memory Rod Steiger. In 2007, Taylor as Molly took part in the filming of Walt Disney's sci-fi movie about the dog, nicknamed Glitter - "superpes." Finally, in 2008, Taylor Madison got the role in the adventure film "Doubting Thomas".

In 2007, the screens went out youth series "Gossip Girl," based on the book series by Cecily von Zigezar. The series quickly became super popular (and remains so to this day), and with it the famous Taylor - she plays the role of Jenny Humphrey, rebellious girl whose image is so close of the Momsen.

C 2008 Taylor a lot of time dedicated to his musical career. She has his own band The Pretty Reckless, where she is a soloist, guitarist and composer. From May to June 2009, she and her team conducted a concert tour.

In 2010, Taylor became the face of the brand of clothing from Madonna Material Girl and perfume John Galliano Parlez-moi d'Amour.