Ryan Phillippe

Matthew Ryan Phillippe was born on September 10 1974 in New Castle County, Orleans. Childhood Ryan remembers always happy - it was serene and happy. He was always surrounded by the care and affection of mother and three sisters - Kirsten, Lindsay and Ketelin. Father Ryan - Richard Phillippe - chemical production engineer, and his mother, Susan, was a nurse at the hospital. At school, Ryan put very positive assessment, even if he was not ready for the lesson. With their peers, he got on very well.

At age 14, he first realized he wanted to be in the movies. When Ryan Phillippe was 17 years old, he went to the barber to cut your hair, where he met a stranger who was struck by the young men and photogenic good looks gave him phone his friend in the casting agency. So Ryan and I got into a big cinema.

Like many aspiring actors, Ryan Phillippe's career began on television. Again, thanks to his appearance he was in the television series "One Life" (1992), where he performed the role of the first gay teenager on New York television. Debuting with such a controversial role, Phillippe immediately entered the cage and sought-after young actors.

Serious fame came to him in 1997, when Ryan Phillippe starred in the first teen horror film "Ben Willis".

A huge box office success was the film "Cruel Intentions," which starred Ryan with his mistress - actress Reese Witherspoon.

In 2000, he starred with Benicio Del Toro in a tough detective thriller "Way of the Gun", and in 2001, the actor played the role of hackers in the not too successful film "Antitrust". In the painting "Dancer" he made in the image of a ballet dancer Rudolf Petrov, who arrived from Russia, achieves great success in the West, but in the action-thriller "Hunters for the mind - novice FBI agent.

In 2006, Ryan Phillippe appeared as a real-life character John Bradley in the Clint Eastwood film about the war, "Flags of Our Fathers" and went the way the US Marines. According to Ryan Phillippe, it was the best role in his life, and he, without hesitation would give a lot to take part in the Second World War and to fight for the truth.

Fifth day of June, 1999, he married actress Reese Witherspoon. The modest ceremony was held in the town of Charleston in South Carolina. Ninth of September of the same year (the day after the 25th birthday Ryan), they became parents. His daughter they named Ava Elisabetta, and in October 2003 they had a son Deacon. Both children were named after relatives Ryan.

October 30, 2006 Phillippe and Witherspoon released a statement that they have decided to divorce after seven years of marriage. Witherspoon filed for divorce in November 2006. The eighth was rumored that the divorce is guilty actress Abbie Cornish, Ryan's partner on the set of the film Stop-Loss. In 2007, they began to meet officially, and three years later the relationship broke off.

Now Ryan a lot and successfully removed in the development of his three projects and one - "The Lincoln Lawyer" - is preparing to premiere in March 2011.