Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci was born September 30 1968 in a provincial Italian town of Città di Castello. Girl diligently at school and after it easily entered the law faculty of the University of Perugia. To learn, Monica had to get a job as a waitress in a pizzeria, where she worked until then, until one of her friends are not advised to try his hand at modeling.

In 1987, Monica was invited to work in Milan, the most prestigious modeling agency "Elite". Managers of the famous fashion house at the time were looking for a suitable, but it remains a model that was to become the symbol of this company. It Monica chose the famous fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana. Career model not only evolved very successfully, but also led her to the movies.

In 1990, Italian director Dino Risi saw Monica on the cover of the magazine and offered her a small role in a TV movie "Adult children", then followed by another cameo. But this actress Monica Bellucci themselves felt only in 1992, starring in the film "Bram Stoker's Dracula," Francis Ford Coppola - the photo of the actress drew attention to one of the nephews of the eminent director.

In 1996, Bellucci got her first big role - in the movie "Apartment" - and immediately became incredibly popular. The film earned her a nomination for the "Cesar". But more importantly, on the set, she met her future husband Vincent Cassel. In 1997, Monica starred with Cassel in the French film "Dobermann", which became a hit in Europe. Since then, the proposal on filming rained from all sides. In 2001, two more grossing film with its participation - a horror movie, "Brotherhood of the Wolf" and the melodrama "Malena". In 2002 he published the infamous film "Irreversible" (in this film Monica starred with her husband), and begin shooting the most expensive at the time of the European film project, the "Asterix and Obelix: Mission" Cleopatra. "In 2004, the release of the film with the actress - "Secret Agents", "The Brothers Grimm" and Mel Gibson invites her to star in his film "The Passion of the Christ". In the same year, in Rome, Monica and Vincent born daughter Deva.

During his film career, she played Monica Bellucci in more than 40 films. Do not leave it, and fashion business, the first year being the face of Dior.