Milla Jovovich

Born in a family of Russian and Serbian. That this girl was destined to become one of the most famous models in the world.

As a child, Milla traveled. With his parents lived in England, then he moved to the US, where he settled. This Los Angeles she considers her home. Soon Mama Milla - Soviet actress Galina Loginova - started to practice a career girl, the good daughter grew of extraordinary beauty. Already in the 11 years she starred in famous photographers (such as Richard Avedon), appeared on the covers of dozens around the world. Incidentally, when Milla became the heroine of the scandal involving minors to work in the adult fashion world. Photos Avedon general caused a storm of emotions in social services - to print them immediately removed.

Around the same time, Jovovich started acting in movies, mostly in the dramas. The breakthrough was the touching love story "Return to the Blue Lagoon", where she played a couple with Brian Krause ("Charmed"). And although in the future, due to creative and personal tandem with director Luc Besson, actress Milla will star in such films as "Joan of Arc" and "The Fifth Element", which generally is in the tops of the best films around the world, it is obvious that modeling career girl has gone better.

She has contracts with L'Oreal, Revlon, Hugo Boss, Guess, Calvin Klein and many others, a photo shoot in the best editions of the planet. However, talented model Milla life is not limited - she has recorded several music albums and try yourself as a designer. Mark actress and her friend Carmen Hawk Jovovich-Hawk was a great success, later Milla made a collection for Mango, which, of course, she advertised.

At the moment, Milla more time to the family - daughter Ever Gabo little and third husband, director Paul Anderson. However, Jovovich will soon delight us filming in the "Azazel", where the actress has promised to speak in Russian.