Mila Kunis

Milena Markovna Kunis was born on August 14, 1983 in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. In 1991 her family moved from Ukraine to the United States and settled in Los Angeles. Already nine years old girl involved in acting and starred in commercials and small roles in serials.

The first major success came to the Mile in 1998 year. Then she played a 11-year-old Jiu in the famous eponymous film. In the same year came the tape "Krippendorf's Tribe", which Mile got a small role.

But the biggest achievement for Mila - a role in the TV series "That '70s Show." She was cast almost fraudulently. The fact that the actors auditioned for the show must be over 18 years old. 14-year-old Kunis hid his age, but liked the director, that he decided to take it to the project. As a result, she starred in all eight seasons of the series. Later Mila waited another important step in his career. She began to voice of Meg Griffin in the famous animated series "Family Guy." Then there was a series of TV series and feature films.

In 2009, the year Kunis worked on the comedy "Extract," but the real breakthrough was for her "Book of Eli" - a film whose plot unfolds on the planet after the apocalypse.

In 2010 he was released the comedy "Date Night" starring Milla, and most at the moment is an important project of her career - a drama Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan", nominated for a huge number of the most prestigious awards. Kunis has played a ballet dancer, a rival of the heroine Natalie Portman. For the role of an actress for a long time every day studied ballet and sat on a rigid diet.

Mila for many years dating actor Macaulay Culkin with, but in late 2010, the couple broke up.