Michelle Williams

Michelle Ingrid Williams was born in Kalispell, in Montana. Her father was a trader, my mother is a housewife. When the baby was nine, the family moved to San Diego. It was after the change of residence in Michel opened acting ability.

In 15 years, Michelle has decided to quit school and come to grips with a career. Soon, she was given a role in the famous TV series "Dawson's Creek". Even before that, Michelle appears on the screen - for example, in the films "Lassie", "Special" and "Lord of the time". However, it "Dawson's Creek" actress made famous.

The first role of a bright actress Molly became Kartvelians from the movie "Halloween: 20 Years Later". Michel started to pay attention, it began to offer larger and more visible role. In 1999, the actress starred in the movie "Fatal", and in 2001 appeared in the film "Prozac Nation." This fame and recognition came to the actress after filming the movie "Brokeback Mountain" (2005). The role in this film brought actress nomination for "Golden Globe" and "Oscar".

The film "Brokeback Mountain", which had great significance for career Michelle Williams, was a turning point in her personal life on the set, she met actor Heath Ledger, who was the father of her daughter Matilda. In early 2008, the actor died, using a lethal dose of incompatible medications. Michelle Williams is very hard going through his death, through the hard times, according to most actresses, helped little Matilda.

In 2010, Williams, recovering from the tragedy back to the movies. In September, the premiere of the picture "The shortest way to Mick", and in 2010 he published the tape Martin Scorsese "Shutter Island", and in December - the drama "Blue Valentine". Currently Michelle stars as Marilyn Monroe in a biopic about the life of legendary sex symbol of the twentieth century.