Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was born the fifth of June in a suburb of Boston. He was the youngest of nine children in the family of a nurse and a truck driver, her parents divorced in 1982. Wahlberg was a difficult teenager, he dropped out of school and at age 16 was serving a prison sentence for assaulting two people and robbery. Mark received a Catholic upbringing and attended Copley Square High School in Boston. However, he dropped out and received a matriculation later.

Mark was quite a popular hip-hop artist - he acted under the name Marky Mark. By the way, his older brother Donnie was a member of the popular boy band New Kids On The Block.

Mark recorded an album with his own band Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch, who was certified platinum. And by 1992, Wahlberg had already written and published an autobiography.

Popular brands in show business and his appearance earned him the model contract with Calvin Klein. And in 1993, he made his debut in the film - in the movie "The teacher to substitute." Then, in 1994, he played in the film "Renaissance Man." After another year, Wahlberg appeared in a magnificent film with Leonardo DiCaprio "The Basketball Diaries".

In 1996, Mark has played first major role - in the thriller "Fear". This was followed by painting "Boogie Nights," Paul Thomas Anderson, which brought Wahlberg recognition not only of the public but also the critics. The director invited Mark to the tape after viewing "The Basketball Diaries." Wahlberg played a young waiter who became a porn star, and then contacted with the drug.

In 1998, Wahlberg starred in the action movie "Big deal," and in 1999 in the film "The Corruptor" and "Three Kings". A little later, it was "The Yards" and "The Perfect Storm" and, finally, the main role in a large-scale "Planet of the Apes" by Tim Burton.

In the same year as the "Planet of the Apes" was released the movie "Rock Star" - a story about how a simple guy became an overnight celebrity, and to which all contributed.

In May 2001, he founded the charitable foundation Mark Wahlberg's Youth Foundation, focused on the financial and social support to talented young people from urban areas.

In 2002, Mark was waiting for her role in "The Truth About Charlie," and in 2003 he appeared in the film "The Italian Job" - this adventurous tape, which has become a partner Wahlberg Charlize Theron. Now it is preparing to release a continuation of this tape.

In 2004, the actor took part in the documentary film "Juvenile offenders". In the same year, he appeared in the film "I Heart Huckabees". Incidentally, this is the work of David O. Russell, with whom Mark will later work on the movie "Fighter".

The following projects with Mark had great success - a thriller "Blood for Blood" and the sports drama "overcoming" and a picture of Martin Scorsese's "The Departed". For work for the first time in the last Wahlberg was nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe". Wahlberg has made a good impression on Scorsese, when Mark has invited the director to work on the TV series "Boardwalk Empire," he agreed, although that did not particularly want to deal with the TV.

In 2007, Wahlberg appeared in two films - the criminal action movie "Shooter" and crime thriller "We Own the Night".

After starring in 2008 - in the movie "Phenomenon" M. Night Shyanamala - Mark received his first nomination for the "Golden Raspberry". In addition, in 2008 he played in the movie by the cult video game "Max Payne".

In 2009, Wahlberg played in the film Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones" father of the dead girl, which, in turn, played Saoirse Ronan.

2010 was to make a truly triumphant year. It turned out three very different projects with his participation - a comedy "Date Night" thriller with elements of comedy "The Other Guys", as well as the sports drama "The Fighter." Last was a huge success, and the brand was nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".

Mark not only plays in the movie, but also engaged in producing. Paired with Steve Levinson, they are one of the most influential and successful producer tandems in the United States. It was they who created the TV series "Entourage," based on his own experience of conquering Hollywood Olympus Wahlberg. In addition, they are behind such successful projects as the television channel HBO In Treatment, How To Make It In America and "Boardwalk Empire." Oscar-winning film "The Fighter" - also their handiwork.

Mark is now happily married. In 2009, he formally married his longtime life partner model Rea Durham. At that time, they had three children. Now they have four.

In an interview, Mark announced that he intends to finish the film career and devote time to his family. But then he changed his mind: he says, four children - "expensive". So now his plans are involved in several projects, including two comedies - "Teddy Bear" and "Collection of a ray of hope".