Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard was born on September 30, 1975 in Paris in a family of actors. Already at age six small Cotillard began to appear on the stage: in performances helped the mother-actress, and participated in plays specially written and set for her father director.

Marion's debut as a film actress began her role in an episode of the TV series "Highlander". Start on the big screen served as the film by French director Philippe Arella "The boy who wanted to be kissed." Also in 1994, she played a major role in the American youth show "extreme limit" on student life. This was followed by the film "Chloe" and "The Seagull", as well as a role in the sci-fi comedy "Green Beauty".

In 1997, Marion was awarded the prestigious award for the theatrical play staged by "termination of business" and also starred in the comedy thriller Luc Besson's "Taxi", which had worldwide success. A few years later came the long-awaited continuation of the tape - "Taxi 2", followed by "Taxi 3". The proposals follow one after another: the historical drama "The War in the mountains," "Lisa," melodrama "Lovely stuff" by Gilles Paquet-Brenne, where the actress starred as twin sisters.

World recognition Cotillard brought the painting "Love Me If You Dare", "Private Investigation", "Innocence", "Big Fish", published in the early 2000s. For his role in the drama "A Very Long Engagement", the famous director Jean-Pierre Jeunet actress won the award "Cesar" as "Best Actress". However, the main role was actress ahead - "La Vie en Rose", released in 2007, raised the career of Marion Cotillard to a new level. Cygrav great Edith Piaf actress has collected a harvest of awards "Cesar", the British prize BAFTA, "Golden Globe", the "Oscar" for best actress.

One of the last projects of the actress - musical drama "Nine," Rob Marshall with Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Mariyon Cotillard is already a long time met with French actor and director Guillaume Canet.