Mariah Carey

March 27, 1970, the year was born Mariah Carey. Carey has received from his father Afro-Venezuelan genes from the mother and Irish. When she was three years old, his father left the family.

Carey Sing beginning in early childhood. This is not surprising, because Mariah mother - opera singer. For three years she sang her mother when she learned songs. While in school, Mariah went on vocal courses and made the first recording.

At age 18 she moved to New York. There, she got a backing vocalist singer Brenda K. Starr, and at a party met with the president of Columbia Records, Tony Mottola. He was captivated by the unique data Cary range of her voice and immediately decided to sign a contract with the girl. They began an affair and later Mariah and Tony were married.

In 1990, Carey's debut album, called simply - Mariah Carey. Several singles immediately soared to the top of the American charts. Mariah literally woke up famous. The next four albums were as successful as the first. She was the first singer in the United States, whose first five singles top the charts Billboard Hot 100. Columbia Records has recognized the singer's most successful performer in the history of the record company. And according to the magazine Billboard, Carey is one of the most commercially successful singers in 1990-x in the history of the recording industry United States.

In 1997, Mariah divorced Mottola and decided to change the style of the music, adding hip-hop songs. New CD Butterfly helped her record P. Diddy and Missy Elliott.

But by 2000, the case of Mariah deteriorated. In 2001, the singer changed the label - it has concluded the 80 million contract with Virgin Records, which later was scandalously broken. New CD Glitter Mariah suffered a resounding failure and was the first failure in the career of Carey. Then the singer even tried to commit suicide, she was hospitalized. During the subsequent years of work together with Virgin singer's popularity has declined due to the failure of her debut film Glitter and soundtrack. For her next album Charmbracelet, released in 2002, the audience also reacted with indifference.

In 2005, after an unsuccessful period in his career, Mariah Carey triumphantly returned to the music with the release of their 10th studio album The Emancipation Of Mimi. The single We Belong Together was one of the biggest hits and Billboard magazine has recognized the most successful album in 2005.

Similarly successfully get her next album, E = MC². The single Touch My Body with this disc instantly soared to the top of the charts Billboard. It was the 18th track Carey was awarded this honor. Thus, Mariah was able to break the record of Elvis Presley. Singer's latest album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, according to the Billboard 200, only 101 took place in the ranking of 2009.

Now the singer is working on remixes with the last album, goes to social events, he produces spirits and is engaged in family (has long been rumored that Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon wants to become parents).