Lily Allen

Lily Rose Beatrice Allen was born on the second of May, 1985 in London in a family of well-known comedian and musician Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen English. When Lily was four years old, his father left the family and baby and his mother went to Ireland.

Lily and her mother moved constantly, and because of the frequent changes of residence and schools, the girl did not have permanent friends. Lily spent the evening listening to music and reading books.

Popularity came to Lily through social networks. She spread the tracks on his own page on the popular portal MySpace. Also, Lily started to conduct there a diary, regularly laying pretty funny and witty lyrics about his own life. Gradually, the number of readers of her diary grew, people send each other links to her songs, and soon the news of Lily came up to the major British magazines, music sites and radio stations. Soon she signed the label Regal Recordings, and listening on MySpace rose to tens of thousands.

In 2006, Lily released their first album Alright, Stil. He received critical acclaim and audience. Soon the singer went on tour - it turned out that on the stage it is no less "Firing" than on recordings. Lily has also continued to blog, talking about their concerts. In 2009, they released their second album It's Not Me, It's You - the album became the leader in sales in its first week of release. And the next year received a beautiful Lily Brit Awards as the best performer.

Lily - the muse of legendary Karl Lagerfeld. She has collaborated with Chanel - bag advertised Coco Cocoon. In March 2010, the star said that finished with the singing career to concentrate on their own business - she opened her boutique of vintage clothing Lucy In Disguise in New York.

Lily Allen met with the soloist The Chemical Brothers Ed Simons, who was waiting on the child, but on the fourth month of pregnancy, there was a miscarriage Lily. Now Allen meets with Sam Cooper, the couple is expecting a baby.

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