Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was born ninth day of April, 1990 in Los Angeles in the family screenwriter and producer.

Girl from childhood to play on stage, and in the age of nine, she took part in the TV series "The Thirteenth Year". Two years later she starred in the drama "The Safety of Objects" and the thriller "Panic Room" with Jodie Foster.

In 2004, there were two paintings featuring Stewart: "Catch That Kid" and "Undertow", they were followed by the drama "Fierce People" and the youth horror film "Zathura".

2007 brought the actress shot once in five major projects: "In the Land of Women", "The Messengers", "The Cake Eaters", "Into the Wild", "Kutlass". And then something happened that made Stewart a star of the first magnitude - it adopted the role of Bella Swan in the film adaptation of the novel "Twilight".

After the release of the film in 2008, Kristen and her partner (and rumored boyfriend) Robert Pattinson has fallen worldwide fame. Premiere continuation of "Twilight" - "New Moon" took place in 2009, by this time Stewart managed to star in the comedy "Adventureland".

In 2010 came three paintings to Christie - "Welcome to the Rileys", The Runaways and the long-awaited third part of the Twilight Saga, "Eclipse".