Katherine Heigl

Katherine Marie Heigl was born on November 24, 1978 in Washington, DC in the family Irish and German, Nancy and Paul.

Aunt Catherine felt since childhood beautiful baby and decided that Kathy to become a model, and when Catherine was nine, took his niece to a model agency. Shortly thereafter, the baby Katy had advertised breakfast cereals.

In 1992 she made her debut in the film - she played a role in the film "That very night." In 1994 he walked Alicia Silverstone and won the role in the movie "My father - a hero," a film about the relationship of father and daughter, where her father played the role of Gerard Depardieu. Later, she had to play the role of a niece of the hero Steven Seagal movie "Under Siege 2".

In 1996, the parents of Catherine divorced, and she and her mother moved to Los Angeles. There's the actress became her personal manager.

In 1997 there was a film about knights of the round table "Prince Valiant", which played the role of Princess Katie Eileen, daughter of King Arthur and his beloved Valiant.

Heigl fame for his role in the TV series "City of Aliens" (1999). It can be said that the popularity grew with each series - Catherine was invited to appear for such magazines like Maxim, Teen, FHM, TV Guide. With partner of "City of aliens" Jason Behr Katherine was having an affair.

But the real glory was to come. It came with the release of the TV series "Grey's Anatomy" in 2005 year. He tells about the hard life of interns and doctors of the hospital. The series became very popular first in the US and then worldwide.

Another success of Katherine Heigl - a film "Knocked Up" (2007). Comedy collected more than $ 175 million. The next film "27 Dresses" (2008) collected a little less - 140 million dollars.

Recent successful films with Heigl - "The Naked Truth" (2009) Gerard Butler, "Killers" (2010) Ashton Kutcher and "Life as We Know It" with Josh Duhamel.

In 2007, Catherine married musician Josh Kelley, whom she met on the set of the video. In 2009, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley adopted a baby girl from Korea, which they named Nancy Leigh, after the actress mother Nancy and her sister Margaret Leigh.