Jude Law

David Jude Heyworth Law was born on December 29, 1972 in London, the son of school teachers.

At an early age he showed the desire to Judy on stage: in the six years he played his first role in the children's play, and a 12-member troupe became the National Youth Music Theatre. At age 14 he made his debut in television, appearing in a small sketch in the transfer of adolescents and 17 years dropped out of school and began filming the television series "Family".

In 1992 he made his debut in the movie, he starred in the youth crime thriller "Shopping." This picture has failed at the box office, but on the set of Jude met actress Sadie Frost. Despite the seven-year difference in age (older Sadie Jude) and her marriage, the young man persisted in courting, and three years later they were married.

His first role in Hollywood was the role of a paralyzed invalid in "Gattaca", this was followed by some more work, but great fame they have not brought him.

The success of the hit Judah after the 1999 movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley." The painting becomes an event and received the highest marks of audiences and critics. For her performance Jude won the British Academy of Film and Television for Best Supporting Actor.

Pausing at home to take part in theatrical performances, Lowe returned to Hollywood in 2001 starred in the big-budget war drama "Enemy at the Gates". Also in 2001, Lowe Steven Spielberg accepted the offer to take part in a fantastic drama "Artificial Intelligence".

Judah's career gained momentum, he played in the film "Road to Perdition" (2002) and "Cold Mountain" (2003), once again nominated for the prestigious awards, but in his family life was not so smooth. After six years of marriage, Sadie Frost, tired of the chronic inattention to the increased actor's family (the couple already had three children: a daughter and sons Rafferty Iris and Ruby, and Sadie's son from his first marriage), filed for divorce.

In 2004, the career of Judah experienced a new rise - it has played in six films: bit parts in "The Aviator" and "Lemony Snicket: 33 accident" as well as starring in the comedy "I Heart Huckabees" fantastic film "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" melodrama "Handsome Alfie, or what men want" and the psychological drama "proximity".

On the set of "Pretty Boy Alfie" Jude falls in love with a partner on the film, aspiring actress Sienna Miller. Young people have even announced their engagement, but broke up in 2005 after news of treason Judah with a nanny for their children.