Jessica Chastain

Stepfather, bringing up from early childhood Jessica, he was a fireman and his mother - a chef vegetarian dishes. School and College Chastain has been in Sacramento, and then entered the Juilliard School - one of the best American universities.

After graduating from university in 2003, Jessica Chastain began her acting career in episodic television roles. On the big screen, she first appeared in 2008, but the truly successful and "breakthrough" for her began in 2011. Then she played in such films as "The Tree of Life" and "servants". In the past she was nominated for "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2012, she continued to win the hearts of audiences and critics alike, starring in the crime drama "Lawless" and "number one goal" Kathryn Bigelow. In the latter she played a major role, for which she was nominated for "Oscar" and received the "Golden Globe".

In 2013, screens out horror film "Mother", a game in which many critics have called it one of the best actresses of her generation.

Chastain - is vegan. She did not just say that it was her personal choice, not imposed by her mother, as many might think.

By the way, real name Jessica Chastain - Jessica Howard. Chastain - the maiden name of her mother.

As for her personal life, but now the actress met with Jean Bow Passi, executive director of the French brand Moncler.