Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Leslie Panettiere was born Aug. 21, 1989 in New York, USA. The girl got into show business in a very early age - thanks to his mother, actress Leslie Vodzhel. Already eight months Hayden pictures used in print advertising, then there was a little girl in the video toy railroad in more than 50 commercials of various goods.

In four years, Hayden debuted in the television series "One Life to Live". Two years later, the baby start to act in parallel with the television series "Guiding Light." It was after this project about a young Panettiere talked about as an actress with great potential.

At age 11, Hayden starred in the movie "Remember the Titans", where the partner site became Denzel Washington. For this role, she received the award "young actor".

In 2003, Hayden starred in the television series "normal" - the project has attracted a lot of attention, both critics and audiences. The following year came two films with the participation of aktirsy, which became the world's box office hits - "Dust Factory" and "Raising Helen".

Status of this Hollywood star and another award "young actor" brought her TV series "Heroes" in 2006. And in the same year came the film "Bring It On", which was shown at several film festivals and critics appreciated the work of Hayden is very high. In total, she starred in more than 20 tapes, but his first major role she played only in 2009 in the film "I Love You, Beth Cooper".

In 2007, the men's magazine FHM gave Panettiere sixth place in the list of "Sexiest Women", GQ magazine named her "possession of 2007" and Forbes magazine reported that she earned in 2007 two million dollars.

Incidentally, Hayden also sings - in 2008, he released one album is Wake Up Call.

Hayden - a fanatical defender of the dolphins, she even almost put behind bars, taking part in the campaign to save dolphins and whales in the Sea of ​​Japan.