Gwen Stefani

Anna Gwendolyn Renee Stefani was born October 1969 in Anaheim, near Los Angeles. In her blood flowing Italian (thanks dad), Irish and Scottish (but for this mom) blood. Gwen has a sister Jill, and two brothers, Eric and Todd.

Stephanie educated woman - for her shoulders California State University. And hardworking - I have worked as a saleswoman and mopping the floors in a small cafe.

1986 - a turning point in the life of Gwen, she came to the group No Doubt, one of the founders of which was her older brother, Eric. At first she sang with John Spence, but soon he had committed suicide, and Gwen was the only vocalist.

The album Tragic Kingdom - break No Doubt. Hits and Just a Girl Don`t Speak soar to the top of the charts, and with them takes off and the popularity of the Gwen.

In 2000, Stefani recorded with the single Moby South Side. Work apart from the group she liked, and in 2004 he published a solo album Gwen Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

In 2002 Gwen Stefani married the lead singer of British rock band Bush Gavin Rosdeyla. Four years later they had a son, a charming Kingston, and then the second, who was named Zuma Nesta Rock.

Stephanie owns a popular clothing brand LAMB, she also starred in the film - for example, in the famous "The Aviator".

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