Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is actually considered to be the ancestor of today's Italian fashion. Despite the fact that he made himself quite late, Armani has managed to achieve international recognition.

Giorgio was born in Piacenza. There he studied at the University - dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, later he left the university and went to Milan - to work in the store, making curtains.

Armani never wanted to become a designer, but his ability to notice Nino Cerruti. His fashion house Giorgio worked for nearly 10 years and only then decided to start his own business.

Together with a friend Sergio Galeotti, he opened a company Giorgio Armani SpA In 1975 Giorgio launched masculine and feminine clothing line. Later he joined his brother in business and sister Rosanna Armani, Giorgio.

Giorgio like a real businessman, always tried to follow not only the creative aspect but also practical - almost to the accounting department. Perhaps that is why the fashion house Giorgio Armani is an independent and well developed.

The main merit of Armani that he did minimalistic style current. Disclaimer ryushechek and bows in women's clothes really became a serious step in the fashion industry. Plus, it was the first seriously Armani combined invoice (eg leather trousers and tweed jacket).

Giorgio also created a new type of fragrances. Fresh notes in perfumes - this is his merit.

Armani has invented a shapeless jacket, is at the peak of popularity in the 1980s and returned in vogue right now.

At Armani seriously affected by the death of his partner Sergio Galeotti in 1985. But he managed to cope with the loss and continued to develop their company. Now Giorgio Armani S.p.A. produces clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics and even furniture.

For his services Armani numerous awards - for example, Gran Cavaliere della Repubblica, Commendatore dell'Ordine al Merito della Repubblica (this is the highest government award in Italy).

Armani - one of the geniuses of fashion era. His clothes are Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts and many other celebrities, and some of them are and work on Armani - such as Victoria and David Beckham.

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