Emma Watson

April 15 marks the birthday of a young and beautiful Emma Watson.

The young actress was born in Paris, but when she was five years old, her parents, the British lawyers who have moved to live in England, in the county of Oxfordshire. After his parents divorced, Emma continued to live with her mother and brother. At school Miss Watson played in the theater.

When Emma was nine years old, head of the drama club invited her to take part in the casting for the role of Hermione in the film Harry Potter. So the girl got her starring role.

For the past nearly ten years, Watson has starred in "Harry Potter." But in addition to working on the film version of the fairy tale, Emma has other classes. She attaches great importance to education - recently graduated from high school for girls and is planning to continue their education at the university. In addition, last summer, Emma completed his studies in acting classes RADA in London.

Despite the resounding success and a multimillion-dollar fees, Watson is not sure that will connect his life with the acting profession. She argues that in the world there are many things that she gladly would like to do.

Recently Emma seriously interested in the world of fashion. The fashion world is also interested in the young actress - she became the heroine of many famous masters of photo shoots, including Karl Lagerfeld. By the way, Watson - the youngest in the history face of the cover of Vogue.