Ed Westwick

Edward Gregory Westwick was born on 27 June 1987 in the town of Stevenage Hertvorship county in the UK. His father was a teacher at the university, and his mother - a certified psychologist. Ed has two older brothers.

At first the family lived in Britain Westwick, but Ed graduated from the school in the United States. After high school he wanted to become an actor, I began to attend the trial. And then I went to London, where he played for a while in one of the local theaters. Incidentally, he is also fond of music, and enjoys to this day. He - frontman of the band The Filthy Youth.

Westwick began acting in television series in 2006. In its summary appear "catastrophe", "doctor" and even "Californication". In 2008, he starred in the film "Children of Men," "The Invasion," "Son of Rambow". His most prominent role in a feature film - in the movie "100 feet". In 2010, at the box office starts comedy "Queen of snowboarding".

But, of course, the main role of Chuck Bass Ed became a popular youth television series "Gossip Girl".

Almost two years Ed met fellow "Gossip Girl" Jessica Shore. In spring 2010, they parted.