Daniel Radcliffe

Boy wizard Harry Potter - mainly in Radcliffe's career (and it will stay with him a couple of years - before the final part of the saga, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"). In "Harry Potter" Dan was being just a child - in nine years, he auditioned Chris Columbus, director of the film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". At that time, the baby Danny already had experience in film - he starred in the famous TV movie BBC "David Copperfield" and the film "The Tailor of Panama" with Pierce Brosnan in the leading role.

Roles in films about the boy wizard have brought Radcliffe is not only international fame and sea fans, but also wealth. In 2007 he was recognized as the richest teenager in Britain. At that time, his fortune was estimated at $ 50 million.

In addition to the movie, Dan plays in the theater. He took part in the scandalous statement of Equus. The play caused quite a stir, first, because of its plot (the protagonist - the groom, who is going crazy and because of his love for horses begins their hamstring), and secondly, Radcliffe on stage completely exposed.

On the personal life of Daniel, until recently, it was known very little. Once he attributed to an affair with a colleague on "Harry Potter" Emma Watson, but the rumors were not confirmed. But recently, the actor said that he had met with Laura O'Tull, a colleague on the play Equus.

Despite the fact that millions of girls love him dearly, Radcliffe complex - feels totally sexy.

Also, Dan has a rare disease - dyspraxia. This incoordination. The actor says that he can not tie his shoes. According to him, the disease began to develop when he left school and began to act in films.

"Harry Potter" will end in 2011. What awaits fans of Daniel after that - is still unknown. But it is clear that doing nothing this guy will not.