Christian Bale

The Englishman, Christian, son of a pilot and a circus artist, since childhood has traveled and visited Europe and the United States. His acting showed the makings of a Christian before the first anniversary - eight years he has starred in commercials, and in nine played at the theater.

Few people know that Bale's debut in the movie was the Soviet (joint with Scandinavia) film-tale "Mio, my Mio". It took Vladimir grammar. Further successful works followed one after another: "Empire of the Sun", "Sellers News", "Little Women" and, of course, "American Psycho".

A kind of return to cash film was a fantastic picture of jugglers "Prestige" where Christian appeared on the screen with Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman. Without a doubt, the most famous work of Bale at the moment is another story about Batman - "The Dark Knight" on a large scale has swept the world in 2008.

With his wife Sibi actor met on the set of "Little Women." His future wife was an assistant at Winona Ryder. The couple's daughter Emmeline is growing.