Cameron Diaz

The actress, in whose veins flows the Cuban, Indian, British, and German blood, was born in San Diego, California. The lean and tumble childhood Cameron preferred to be friends with the boys. She liked to play a lot more with them in basketball and participate in fights yard than to mess with the girls.

In 16 years, at a party Cam met photographer Jeff Dunas, who immediately noticed a blue-eyed blonde. And a week later Diaz signed a contract with the agency Elite.

The next five years, it was of the world: Japan, France, Australia, Morocco, Netherlands. Get a taste of glory (Diaz starred advertising company Coca-Cola, Nivea), Cam hit the winds casino, drinking, numerous novels. The agent found her role in the film and even made sure that the producers changed the script and made this a big role. So Cameron Diaz became Tina Carlyle from the movie "The Mask".

Next starring roles went one after the other: "Best Friend's Wedding", "There's Something About Mary", "Charlie's Angels", "Vanilla Sky", "The Holiday" and, of course, "Shrek" is still bringing Cameron fabulous fees.

But the personal life does not go well. For five years, she met with director Carlos de la Torre, then two years lived with Matt Dillan, some time turned the novels of Edward Norton, Vince Vaughn and Jared Leto.

Failure ended her romance with Justin Timberlake - they met three years. After that Cameron was not serious novels. She was seen with Robin Williams, John Mayer, illusionist Criss Angel, model Paul Skalforom.

Cameron continues to successfully act in films in recent times during it prefers not comedies and dramas and thrillers.