Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was born on an American military base in Germany. Bruce's mother - a German woman. Since childhood, the future actor loved being in the spotlight and shine in all kinds of amateur theatricals.

After graduation, Bruce moved to New York where, hoping to get on the stage, pass the time at work in the bars. Soon, the first acting earnings - participate in performances and little-known series. TV show "Detective Agency" Moonlight "secures to Willis fame comedian, but with the help of militants "Die Hard", " The Sixth Sense" and later "The Fifth Element" Bruce is becoming one of the most popular "tough guys" in cinema.

Popularity Bruce said marriage with the beautiful Demi Moore. They had been married 13 years, have three daughters. Relationship with Demi Moore, even after the marriage remained tight - Bruce even friends with Ashton Kutcher, ex-wife's new husband. A girlfriend Emma Heming Bruce is not only a younger copy of Demi, and gets along well with her.