Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck appeared in films from the time he was eight. Since then, he is friends with Matt. This joint work has brought Damon Affleck real fame, and even the "Oscar". However, not for the role, and for the script.

Matt and Ben wrote the script picture "Good Will Hunting." The film starred the legendary Gus Van Sant and starring in it executed by and for young playwrights.

After that Affleck as an actor of the first echelon. He starred in the blockbuster "Armegeddon", as well as almost cult films "Shakespeare in Love" and "Dogma" (in this tape, he again played with Damon).

In 2002 came the film "Pearl Harbor" with Ben in the lead role. Audiences fell in love with this picture, but critics booed - Affleck even nominated for the "Golden Raspberry". By the way, in 2004, "raspberry", he nevertheless received - for their work in the fantastic film "Daredevil." In 2005, there was another nomination antipremiyu - for "Jersey Girl".

But in 2006, the favor of critics came to Ben and he got Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival - the ribbon "Hollywoodland". For her, he was nominated for the "Golden Globe".

Passions raged not only creative, but also in his personal life Affleck. In the early 2000s, he met with Jennifer Lopez. Their union even affectionately called Bennifer. The case went to the wedding, but suddenly Ben and Jen split up. But Affleck quickly found another Jennifer (Garner), which has two lovely daughters.