Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Nicole Simpson was born on third day of October, 1984 in a small town in Texas Eybilen. Ashley family was very religious, and she, along with her older sister, Jessica, was brought up in severity. Ashley's mother was a schoolteacher and his father - a psychologist. Later, my father began to manage the affairs of their stellar daughters.

At age 14, Ashley began to work in a group of dancers with his sister, the time has become a popular singer, and in 1999 - 2001 was accompanied by Jessica on the road. Later, Ashlee began appearing in films and television series: one series of the sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle" in 2001, in a supporting role in the film "The Hot Chick" in 2002 and periodically - in the family drama "Seventh Heaven".

In 2002, Ashlee recorded a Christmas collection for Shcools Out! Christmas song Christmas Past, Present and Future, which in 2004 and 2005 are also included in the collection Radio Disney Jingle Jams. In the summer of 2003, she released the song Just Let Me Cry, which was included in the soundtrack for the film "Freaky Friday." After all, in 19 years, Ashley has signed a contract with the studio Geffen Records.

Ashley's first album, Autobiography, was released in the US in July 2004, its sales in the first week amounted to 398,000 copies. In addition to his first album, Ashlee recorded a duet with her sister song Little Drummer Boy for Christmas Album Jessica Simpson Rejoyce and sang with her on the show Nick & Jessica's Family Christmas.

Ashlee Simpson had a supporting role aspiring actress in the film "Unsolved" (Undiscovered), released in theaters in August 2005. Although Simpson was rated the game is more or less acceptable, the film itself was destroyed. Her performance in the film earned her a nomination for the award "Golden Raspberry" as the worst actress of the second plan.

In April 2008, Ashlee Simpson announced her engagement to the musician from the band Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz. In the press there and then there were rumors about the pregnancy Ashley, who star happily confirmed.

In May 2008, Ashlee and Pete were married in secret and went to a small honeymoon (the couple spent a few days on the beach), to returning back to work. In the same year Ashley was a great event - she gave birth to a son.