Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was born September 14, 1983 in London. Her father Mitchell - a taxi driver, his mother Janice - pharmacist. Amy has an older brother, Alex. Winehouse family legend has it that Amy's father constantly singing songs of Frank Sinatra, which began with her affection for music.

When Amy was nine years old, my grandmother took her to drama school Susie Earnshaw (Susi Earnshaw Theatre School). Already in 10 years, Amy organized the first team. After studying at drama school for four years, she enrolled at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, but was expelled for its lack of diligence and piercings in the nose.

Amy first learned to play the guitar big brother at age 13 she gave her own instrument. They say that a year later, she began to write music.

In 2003, Amy released their first album Frank, a well-received by the public and critics in her native Britain.

A year later, in 2004, Amy took a job in the World Entertainment News Network and began to play in a jazz band. In the same, 2004, she signed her first contract with EMI.

The album Back To Black, was released October 30, 2006, it has received six nominations, "Grammy", five of which, in the end, were obtained. Amy's first and only British singer, has reached such a success.

Winter of 2007, Amy Winehouse recorded the vocals for the song Valerie, a member of the solo album, artist Mark Ronson. In October 2007, the composition has risen to second place in Britain, and was later nominated for Brit Awards as "Best British Single".

Press Amy Winehouse did not give rest not only because of her musical talent. Her outrageous behavior, its particular style of dress, her personal life has always been occasions for critical discussions of rumors and controversy.

In May 2007, Amy married Blake Fielder-Sivila, hoisted her to hard drugs. Blake was in prison, and Amy was treated for drug addiction. In July 2009, the couple divorced.

June 12, 2008 was held only performance Winehouse in Russia. She gave a concert to mark the opening of the Center for Contemporary Culture "Garage" in Moscow.

In recent years, Amy rare delight fans of performances. In the early summer of 2011 it began the singer's European tour, however, after its poor performance in Belgrade, where Winehouse spent more than an hour on stage, never solo, it was canceled.

July 23, 2011 Amy Winehouse was found dead in his apartment in London. Amy was buried July 26, 2011 in the north of the British capital.