Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was born in 1958 in Amityville - town in upstate New York. His first education has nothing to do with creativity. He graduated from George Washington University in the class "political science" (who knows, maybe in a few years, Mr. Baldwin for example, a former colleague of Arnold Schwarzenegger become a politician). It was only later he began to study at New York University in the class of the drama.

Baldwin is not only a famous actor. It is also known to Americans for work in the theater, including Broadway. There he played in productions of "Prelude to a Kiss," "Big Money" and others.

Baldwin's most famous film works in the past few years - in the films "On the Edge", "Elizabethtown", "Pearl Harbor", "The Aviator" and "The Departed".

Stephen Baldwin brothers, William and Daniel also actors. So that the family can be described as very creative.

At the hearing, by the way, not only the work of Baldwin, but some details of his personal life. Details scandalous divorce from actress Kim Basinger, and a complicated relationship with her daughter for a long time discussed in the press.